ABOUT Blayzer Commerce

Blayzer Commerce is the digital agency with solutions for your ecommerce site. We’re your one-stop-shop for fully customized, integrated ecommerce web and marketing solutions that grow with your business. Whether you’re starting from scratch or moving your store to a new platform, Blayzer Commerce is the solution you need. Our certified developers and solution designers work with all the top ecommerce platforms, plus dozens of integrations, back-office solutions, and marketing tools. Our digital marketing experts know what it takes to grow sales and revenue online. Let’s build your dream solution together!

Presenting for Blayzer Commerce

Brad Goldenberg, CEO

As CEO and co-founder of Blayzer Commerce, Brad is an experienced entrepreneur and executive strategist who excels at finding innovative ways to leverage creativity, content, and technology in digital marketing. Under Brad’s leadership Blayzer has kept pace with change for 23 years and become a leading agency for custom web development, content production, and digital marketing services in St. Louis, Missouri. Brad also runs Blayzer’s sister company Phat Buddha Products, a successful recording studio, with co-founder Mike Landau.

Mike Landau, Chief Marketing Officer

As Chief Marketing office and co-founder of Blayzer Commerce, Mike brings a fresh creative edge and passion for community building to the forefront. He helps our clients look beyond best practices to spark true innovation in their strategies and solutions. If you want to break out of the box and build something extraordinary, Mike can help you do it. Mike is an experienced entrepreneur of two successful businesses (the digital agency and its sister company Phat Buddha Productions, a recording studio) since 1998.

Julie Cleland, Marketing Director

Blayzer’s Marketing Director Julie Cleland excels at helping businesses transform their ideas and goals into actionable strategies. She specializes in marketing communications, content production, search engine optimization, lead generation, reporting, and data analysis. Julie is also a talented copywriter, digital marketing and communications trainer, and an email/marketing automation wiz. She is certified in Google Analytics, Google My Business, and Google Ads (Search, Display, Shopping, and Measurement). Julie has been with Blayzer for more than 8 years.

Katlyn Nickolaus, Director of Search & Social

As Blayzer’s Digital’s Director of Search & Social, certified Google pro Kate Nickolaus is the go-to expert for digital advertising campaigns, social media strategies, conversion optimization, search engine optimization, and website content development. Kate has a solid background in digital marketing for a variety of industries and strives to stay up to date on the latest digital marketing trends. She is certified in Google Search, Video, Shopping, Display ads, and Ads Measurement, as well as Google Analytics, Google My Business, and is a Certified Social Media Manager. Kate joined the Blayzer team in the spring of 2019.

Whitney Wilson, Creative Director

Good ecommerce product page design – we’re talking the layout, look, and overall visual feel of your pages – really comes down to 2 things… Find out more in my presentation!