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ShipperHQ helps ecommerce merchants align the checkout experience on their website to their own unique products and customers. Easily manage all your carriers in one place with integrations from 50+ parcel and LTL freight providers. Configure shipping rules, discounts and promotions that affect rates and delivery options across the board or for a given checkout scenario. Be upfront about delivery dates, get charged the correct last-mile fees and improve your shipping margins by automating how packages are selected for orders. To learn more about ShipperHQ visit:


Quentin Montalto, Chief Operating Officer

Quentin Montalto is the Chief Operating Officer of ShipperHQ, the world’s #1 platform for custom eCommerce shipping experiences. Since joining ShipperHQ in 2015, Quentin has developed a broad shipping expertise and understanding of the merchant shipping needs in his roles with customer success, sales and operations.

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